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Dry Cleaning


Our dry cleaning services have provided outstanding results for both commercial and retail clients. Dry cleaning is a perfect solution for hotels, corporations, and individuals that enjoy the convenience and peace of mind, knowing their wardrobe is left in the hands of experienced professionals with over 20 years of service to the city of Richmond.



Wet Cleaning Specialists


Our wet cleaning services are ideal for a variety of fabrics. Wet cleaning can be safely used to treat your garments as well as home textiles such as window treatments and other décor.



Wedding and Formal Wear Care


We can offer cleaning, restoration and preservation of all your wedding and formal clothing. From  gowns to tuxes, we have all the equipment and expertise to care for your most delicate and precious articles of clothing.



Drapery and Window Treatment Cleaning


Window treatments can be difficult to clean for even the most determined home owner. But with our years of experience and specialized facilities, we can help you quickly refresh your drapery and return your living space to the way it's meant to be.



Deluxe Wash and Fold Services


Our washing and folding services are great solutions for a customers that demand an extra touch to their laundry services. We are able to deliver a finished product that helps your garments look as fresh as the day you bought it.



Business Delivery


Our business delivery offers reliable pickup and delivery services for our commercial clients. You can count on us to have your clients' and employees' clothing and uniforms looking great, and returned within 24 hours.

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